Canadian National Wheat Cluster

Cluster Overview

The CWRC is administering the Canadian National Wheat Cluster, which consists of a group of industry-led research projects submitted by various research institutions (universities and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada [AAFC] research centres) aimed at ensuring profitability for producers and long-term sustainability of wheat in the cropping rotation. The current Wheat Cluster is five years in length, running from 2023 to 2028.


Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership A Climate-Smart Canadian Wheat Cluster for a Productive and Profitable Canadian Wheat Sector

Climate Change and Environment (25 per cent of Cluster $)

Economic Growth & Development (53 per cent of Cluster $)

Sector Resilience & Societal Challenges (16 per cent of Cluster $)

Total Cluster


Overall Cost Share Ratio

  • AAFC 55%
  • Industry 45%


  • 18 Activities approved
    • 15 science activities
    • three mandatory activities

Mandatory Activities

  1. Science Co-ordination,
  2. Knowledge & Technology Transfer
  3. Impact Assessment

Funding from AAFC

Total: $11,230,572

To AAFC scientists: $6,937,111
For scientists in other institutions: $4,293,461

Funding from Industry

Total: $9,320,422

To AAFC scientists: $6,495,332
For scientists in other institutions: $2,825,090

Funded Projects

Priority 1: Climate Change and Environment

Priority 2: Economic Growth

Priority 3: Sector Resilience